The Makings of a Luxury Closet


If your living in the lap of luxury, there is no way you want to put a $10,000 dress is a shotty little closet, you need a luxury closet. You need a bright, spacious and beautiful room to put all your beautiful clothes in. We’re going to enlighten about all the products that make a closet luxury. No one living with fine things should without this absolutely essential hallmark of a fine and elegant home.


  • Fine Illumination – You will not be pulling your clothes out of a dark and damp space, you’re pulling them out of a spacious large room. That said, you need some fine illumination. Something that is bright and elegant. Something that will show off the best in your clothes. Something that will make your wears look fun to wear.
  • Open Spaces – You want a closet that you can walk around. You don’t want to be shoved in with all your clothes and bumping into things. A closet needs to be a room that you can walk into and briskly go about and check for the things you’ll be wearing that day. A luxury closet is not without its space.
  • Island in the Middle – Your closet has to be fashionable. Not only does is have to be spacious and well lit, it has to be fashionable. That will require that you put some kind of island in the middle. A fancy chest piece of put all your small accessories into.
  • Glass – For any very luxury and classy design you’ll need to put some glass in there. Consider putting up glass doors so you can see your most prized and beautiful pieces of clothing. Align the closet with other glass elements.