Favorite Magazines of the Rich and Famous

We spend a lot of our time going through a number of magazines and reading about the rich and famous. That said, how many of us close that magazine for a second and take a second to wonder what the rich and famous are reading. Obviously they aren’t flipping through People magazine just to get a glimpse of an article about them and their friends. These guys are reading magazine we’ve never heard of. Here’s a close look.

Town and Country

For the millionaires and billionaires around the world, this is the magazine that they have on their living room table. A normal citizen won’t fully grasp what a rich person would see in this magazine. It has all the latest reviews, stories and gift ideas that would concern someone who is literally rolling in the millions. This magazine can be compared to Vanity Fair but with no celebrities and no sexiness.

The Robb Report

This magazine is something that is exclusive to the rich. Are you interested in purchasing a yacht that is going $225 million or purchasing your own island in the Bahamas? If so then you might want to pick up a copy of this magazine. This magazine reviews all the biggest toys on the market. It takes someone who sleeps and breaths money to fully appreciate this magazine. Even some B list celebs can’t afford a copy.

Affluent Traveler

When the average man travels, he is often looking for the best deals and the adventure drive options. The rich travelers wants something safer and to find that he turns to the Affluent Traveler. The magazine isn’t just about travel activities, it also has stories. They cover the heart of the country and its currently political situation.