Post Office Letter Carrier Saved Elderly Woman’s Life

Lisa Sweeney is a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service, who has been serving the Westerleigh, Staten Island, New York City neighborhood for quite some time. She has gotten to know how the areas looks on a normal day from going on the same letter delivery route over and over again. One day, she noticed something off.

Sweeney walked up to the door where an elderly lady lived, and noticed that the mail was not being taken into the house. “I’m just aware of everything,” Sweeny said. She also noticed that the garbage cans were not where they normally would be.

“It’s a very quiet, quaint area that I deliver the mail, so anything out of the ordinary, a light bulb goes off in my head,” Sweeny said, which helped convince her to call the police.

Like a detective, she put together what ended up being the truth. “I have a feeling that this woman is in her house, that’s she’s been there for quite a few days,” she told the police.

Marie Boyer, an 87-year-old woman, had, in fact, fallen down onto her bedroom floor and had been struggling to get up for a whopping four days. Boyer said that “When [she] fell to the ground, [she] couldn’t get up again.”

Boyer was not only elderly, but she “had a lot of damage to my body before, and it made it difficult” to get up after taking a hard fall. Terrifyingly, Boyer had been “calling out and telling people to call 911 … But nobody could hear me. That went on for like three days.

That’s when I was getting dehydrated.” The police broke into the house, found Boyer, and saved her life. Lisa Sweeny said that when she heard the good news, she “cried, because [she] was just happy [Boyer] was alive.”