The World’s Most Expensive Cigar: The Gurkha Black Dragon

Cigars have always been a symbol of affluence and prosperity. Greats from all around the world and in several different prosperous positions have smoked cigars. Groucho Marx, the comedic genius was often spotted with a cigar in his mouth. Castro would often be seen smoking a cigar, as well as baseball legend Babe Ruth. Even the great minds like Sigmund Freud were big fans of smoking cigars. When most think of the best cigars they picture Cubans, but they’ve never seen the Gurkha Black Dragon.

The Gurkha Black Dragon

So far there hasn’t been another cigar on the market match the quality that comes with Gurkha Black Dragon cigar. The cigar is widely known by enthusiast to be the world’s top cigar and a true symbol of prosperity. It is just one in an exclusive brand of many Gurkha cigars, which are all expensive to get.

Current the Gurkha Black Dragon is being sold for $1,150 per cigar. You couldn’t get a more expensive pack anywhere. Only a handful of these handmade cigar is produced per year and package of 100 will cost you $115,000. As you can see, cigar smoking can be one very expensive hobby.

The Gurkha Black Dragon provides a unique and exotic blend. The contents of the cigar is wrapped in a dark 5-year-old Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The cigar’s origins are based in Honduras and its innards are made of mixture of Dominican long-leaf tobaccos and Cameroon binder.

When smoking this gem, you’ll notice that the smoke is thick and chewy. At the leathery and rich core of the smoke you can almost taste the earth as you smoke this cigar. Coming with that taste of earth is bit on spice and sweetness. It’s safe to say that this cigar is unlike any cigar that you’ve ever tasted in your life.