Fiona The Hippo Completely Steals The Limelight During This Proposal


People all over the world dream of the moment they’re going to get engaged, picturing just how the beautiful moment will be absolutely perfect.

Whether it’s traveling to a romantic city, over a candle-lit dinner, or in the comfort of their homes, the moment marks the beginning of something beautiful.

So when Nick Kelble decided to propose to his girlfriend, Hayley Roll, on their one year anniversary, he probably was not expecting the extra addition to being there for the big moment. However, the engagement has now gone viral thanks to this guest, which was none other than Fiona the Hippo from Cincinnati Zoo.

Fiona, the now famous hippo, was certainly at the right place at the right time, and completely stole the limelight during the couple’s private moment.

Hayley had no idea that her boyfriend was about to propose during their visit, nor did anyone at the zoo. Fiona, however, may have had some form of intuition that Nick was about to get down on one knee and wanted in on the action.

Roll recalls, “Nick and I were waiting in line to get our photo taken with Fiona and I gave my cell phone to someone to take the photo and when I turned back around, Nick was on one knee proposing,” and Fiona was right there watching the whole thing.


While the couple celebrated their milestone moment, Fiona didn’t leave their side, and is now an internet sensation! From Hayley’s Instagram posts, where she thanks Fiona for sharing the moment with them, Fiona was obviously ecstatic for the happy couple and delighted to watch it all happen.

She even stayed put for photos afterward, and the engagement is for sure never to be forgotten… especially due to the fact it has now gone viral across the internet and posted for the world to see.