Movie Costume Fails That Should Never Have Happened


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Making a movie is a difficult proposition. Not only do you have to manage the numerous individuals tirelessly working to put the project together, including ego-centric movie stars, but you also have to put out a final product which drives the public wild.

In the 24/7 world of social media and Reddit investigators, nothing gets a pass. Every frame of your film gets analyzed to the nth degree. Your film could win ten Academy Awards but become the subject of public ridicule due to a slight continuity error. While some pieces will garner more attention than others, such as poor use of CGI, others might slip through the cracks without a watchful eye.

You might not catch it on first glance, but many of your favorite films have issues with their costumes. Even in films with the most lavish, period-appropriate clothes, you will find plenty of things that do not belong. Does that suit look appropriate for the 1920s? Too bad the jacket lapels were actually twice as thick in the actual 1920s. Do you love those Ray-Ban sunglasses worn by Jim Morrison? Unfortunately, Ray-Ban did not come out until years after his death.

Of course, these costume snafus were not done maliciously but were included for stylistic purposes. Ray-Bans are a snazzy addition to any rock star. Just because a film is a period piece, does not mean its character cannot look sharp. Only because we can do we analyze each film so closely. We want these films to be perfect from start to finish in every way imaginable. When we find even the slightest hitch in that plan, we make sure to point it out for the world to see. This gallery takes you through all of those costume inconsistencies which you’ll never be able to forget.