This Mother’s Set of Twins Shocked the World


Every life comes with a handful of key moments that are too beautiful to miss. Donna Aylmer, a 49-year-old warehouse worker and Vince Ayler, a 55-year-old scaffolder were amidst one of these key moments when the two Gloucester, England natives went to have their first routine checkup and the first ultrasound. They already had a family of five and were more than happy to add an extra child into the mix. This is when things took a very unexpected to turn for the happy couple.

Everything Seemed Completely Normal in the Beginning

An Ultrasound frequently brings up two feelings in people, nervousness and extreme excitement. They were a little more confident then the average couple as they had already been in the position a few times before. That made the coming news they were about to receive all the more shocking to them.

Something More on the Ultrasound

The doctor approached the Aylmers with the news that they weren’t having a new baby, they were having two new babies. They would now be a large family of seven. The doctor was also proud to announce that they were both healthy.

Two New Editions

The family knew they were in for a handful. They already had Jordan, George and Chynna at home. Twins would certainly add some complication to the dynamic. This of course didn’t stop them from celebrating this huge blessing.

Unique Set of Twins

Little did they know, having twins wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to come during this pregnancy. On January 16, 1997 Donna went into labor and when her babies were handed over to her, she was in complete shock as was her husband and three children.