Women Make Sure Kids Affected By Harvey Have A Halloween Costume This Year


After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, two women from the town of Katy, Texas decided to put smiles back on kids faces as Halloween soon approaches.

After the biggest storm for over a decade hit the U.S., Becky Schmidt and Michelle Donahue decided to work together to support the children that were affected during this time.

The two women were not aware of one another before August, but were put in touch with one another when a mutual friend heard that they were both intending on doing the same fantastic deed and let children celebrate Halloween this year.

Since working together, the committed pair have collected 1,200 costumes, and they are sure this is not the end of the generous donations. From their collections, they have already distributed nearly 1,000 of the costumes to students at public schools in Katy.


The inspiration for this idea came from Donahue’s 10-year-old daughter and this mother of four decided that “it was just something that we knew would bring joy to kids’ faces who have been devastated losing their homes.”

Donahue, who is an assistant principal at a local junior high school, explained, “The kids’ parents are dealing with FEMA and relocating and Halloween hasn’t even crossed their minds. Halloween costumes are expensive and one more financial burden.”

Together with Schmidt, Donahue set up a Facebook page to spread their call for Halloween costumes, and have called their effort “Harvey Can’t Scare Us Away Halloween.”

They are also holding a pop-up shop this weekend at a local hotel to collect and distribute more costumes.


With such an “overwhelming” response, described as by Schmidt, they have seen their efforts allow kids to be “kids again” which was their original intent.

After receiving donations from as far as Michigan that includes brand new costumes, as well as handmade ones, kids are “just ecstatic. Some of them wear the costumes out because they don’t even want to take them off.”