YouTube Sensations Making Millions


Since Youtube to came to light back in 2005, it has since become a continually growing powerhouse. It has given the everyday man a platform to be a star on. Looking back 18 years, Youtube was little more than a place to watch your favorite music videos and post some funny videos of your own. It gave us the power not only to see our favorite things from our own area, but also keep track of what was going on around the world.

This quickly evolved a Youtube began producing world wide celebrities. People started making big bucks off the site. This of course didn’t come just off of getting a mass of followers. This stemmed from people agreeing to work with sponsors and advertisers. These led to performers getting bigger bucks, better technology and higher production quality.

It didn’t end there. None of these Youtube sensations have ran into brick walls yet. Some of them have went on to get picked up for big time shows by Netflix and Youtube Red. Yup, the creative efforts of a bored teenager has resulted in someone becoming a Hollywood big shot. Not over night, but with years of effort. Here is a look at one of the most famous and well paid Youtube sensations.

Amongst the Youtube sensations is Daniel Middleton AKA TheDiamondMindcraft. The 26-year-old is currently making an income of $16.5 million. He has done this by posting daily reviews and videos of him playing the game. His popularity has propelled to such a level that he recently went on tour in Australia and sold out the Sydney Opera House for four nights in a row.

Another famous Youtuber is Smosh, the comedy duo which consist of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The duo is taking in an income of $11 million. They were one of the first Youtube sensations. Their slapstick comedy based off pop culture and video games goes back to 2005.