Olivia Von Halle’s Luxury Pyjamas


For most of us out there aren’t looking to be fashionable when it comes to bedtime. We’ll crawl into an oversized, worn t-shirt and drift off to dreamland. The rich and famous aren’t having it. For those living in luxury, bedtime doesn’t mean dressing down. They are sleeping in only the best and the best pajamas are being designed at Olivia Von Halle. Here are the most luxurious pyjamas you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Hero Magenta Marocain Full Length Dress

Going for $1,055, the Hero Magenta Marocain is perhaps the most fashionable and luxurious piece of sleepwear on the market today. In terms of pyjamas, this fits right in with the season’s central style. The marocain is cut in a maxi button through silhouette with longline cuffs and gold popper designs. Furthermore, this piece is made of 30 momme marocain silk.

Coco Mist Silk Pyjama

Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Mist Silk Pyjama set goes roughly for $525. This glamorous pair of pyjamas is made from the highest quality of 19 Momme silk. The trim is pure ivory piped silk and it is equipped with mother of pearl buttons. It also has a handy amount of pockets that are placed on the hip and left breast. These are in addition to a notched collar. You couldn’t find a finer pair of pyjamas on the market, the coco mist silk pyjama is completely top of the line.

Missy Roswell Silk Cashmere Tracksuit

Most people aren’t thinking luxury when tracksuits come to mind. The Missy Roswell Silk Cashmere Tracksuit will completely change your mind. With a blend of silk and cashmere, the Missy Roswell Tracksuit goes for roughly $1,320. Although it can costly, these pyjamas are perfect snuggling up in bed on cold winter nights. The tracksuit is also equipped with a ribbed neck and wrist lines.

Queenie George Full Length Silk Kimono

Nothing screams luxury like a well crafted Kimono and that is exactly what Olivia Von Halle delivers. The Queenie George Silk Kimono is crafted from ten meters of pure silk on both sides. The sleeves are authentic to the traditions surrounding the kimono back in Japan. It is also designed with an array of flowers.