Bryland May Soon be the Biggest Name in Polo Fashion


No one quite encompasses the luxury, yet casual look quite like the Bryland clothing and accessories line. The brand’s founders have decided to use the rooster as their logo, as it  provides both a playful and regal effect. This what the polos are all about. You can expect to see them in troves, as the minds behind Bryland are bringing them to luxury resorts and will even open up a shop in the Hamptons this coming summer.

These shirts are extremely well designed with the fashionable and comfort seeking man in mind. The collar has been specifically tailored to stay propped up all day long. They are even equipped with a loop that will hold onto a pair of sunglasses. One of its main luxuries is the wooden button.

Bryland goes beyond the classic short sleeved polo. You can also pick up a long sleeved polo, a button-down shirt and a fine array of t-shirts. When it comes to legwear, Bryland provides chinos, linen pants and shorts. They also produced an array on unique belts made from Italian and argentinian leather.

Bryland doesn’t only provide top of the line polos and pants, but also a ton of luxury accessories. When it comes to beach towels, you won’t find a towel more comfortable or practical then their Cabana Towel. This towel is big enough for two and come with a pocket. A nice place to slide your hand when your walking with the towel around your neck. Of course it’s strongest point is comfort.  The Cabana Towel is made from a 100% Turkish cotton.

Bryland is currently the top player in the polo world. They designed shirts for big names like Fred Perry, Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. The loops for the glasses take nearly an hour alone to craft onto the shirt. That shows how much love and care goes into the creation of each Bryland polo.