Clothes for Babies in the Lap of Luxury


Our kids are like mini versions of us. That said, we want the best for them and sometimes we want for them even more than what we want for ourselves. When it comes to the rich and famous things are pretty much the same. They are dressing their kids in the most elegant child fashions you can imagine. Picture a baby wearing articles of clothing that range into the high hundreds. For those luxurious this is completely in the norm.

Gucci’s Baby Blue Wool Tiger Babygrow

Baby clothes won’t get much more expensive than Gucci’s Baby Blue Wool Tiger Babygrow. This article of clothing is currently going for $585 and will no doubt make your baby the biggest hit amongst him baby companions. The blue and red romper suit is 100% soft knitted wool. It also sports a very cool tiger on the front. It isn’t something that covers the baby’s whole body. The feet are exposed to the floor.

Dsquared2’s Black and White Tuxedo Babysuit

Selling for only $423, Dsquared2’s Black and White Tuxedo Babysuit will make your baby the life of the party. This suit will grace your baby with an amount of class that can only be matched by James Bond. This one piece baby suit is made of cotton shirt, a satin collar and cotton jersey pants. The jacket is made completely of wool.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Majolica Leopard Babygrow

Dolce & Gabbana’s Majolica Leopard Babygrow is guaranteed to make your baby a hit at the next family gathering. This babygrow is going for only $331. Fully inspired by the majolica tile, its unique design in truly one of a kind. That isn’t the best of it though, the babygrow is made from luxury cotton that is guaranteed to bring your baby the maximum amount of comfort.