Hermès Birkin: The Most Desired Purse


One of the most luxurious purses on the market is the Hermès Birkin bag. The popular bag was named after the french fashion icon Jane Birkin. These bag aren’t easy to get. Even the most richest girls have to be placed on a long list to get this unique and luxurious purse. This has been sought after by the rich and famous for decades and they aren’t doing so just for the unique design. We’re going to let you in on the real genius behind this purse.


It Take 48 Hours to Create One Bag

There isn’t a giant factory somewhere pumping out purse after purse. There is a single lone artisan behind the crafting process of the The Hermès Birkin bags. This artist isn’t putting them together in a matter of a few seconds either. It takes him up to 48 hours to create a single bag. Now that’s what I call quality. Each bag has had a certain amount of heart and soul put into it.


There Aren’t Many in Circulation

As I write this there are about only 200,000 of these bags in circulation. Hermès used to take orders and design certain models for certain people. These days are long gone. Today customers must wait for certain bags to hit the stores. This can keep people waiting forever.


You Can Rent One

Only the most luxurious women will be seen carrying around a Hermès Birkin bag. It’s just a shame that you cannot easily purchase one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a taste of what life is like with one of these bags over your shoulder. VillageLuxe rents out these bags weekly for the small price of $295 a week.


They Aren’t Cheap

These bag have a lot going for them. They are rare, made with extreme love and care and are extremely desired. That said, it should come as no shock that these bag are currently going at about $8,500 a bag. The most expensive purse under the brand was $380,000 it was gold colored and fully diamond encrusted.