Pasotti: Making Luxury Umbrellas for 60 Years


Everything counts when you’re living in the lap of luxury. A fine car and designer shirt  isn’t enough at the end of the day. Even the most trivial items are handcrafted and designed with extreme detail. Take the Pasotti, the Italian company that has been designing luxury umbrellas since 1956. If you want see how the rich are sheltering themselves from the rain, you have to get a look at these umbrellas. Here are some of their top models.

Milford Umbrella with Braided Leather Handle

Going roughly for $380 dollars, the Milford Umbrella is the classic umbrella that screams out the class and elegance of the 1950’s. The umbrella is 100% polyester and equipped with a hook, braided leather handle that leaves for a secure grip when the winds are blowing hard. The umbrella is made in Italy and ships world wide. This is the kind of umbrella you’d see in movies like Sean Connery’s 007 and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Black Mens Umbrella with Luxury Red Gem Handle

Pasotti’s Black Mens Umbrella with its luxury red gem handle goes roughly for $432. Believe that is worth every single cent. The Italian made umbrella is one of a kind. It is fashioned with automatic opening and is 100% polyester. The reason why this umbrella is a gem is due to the red gem built into its swarovski crystals handle.

Dragon Print Umbrella with Golden Snake

If you’re looking to catch some attention on a rainy day, this is the umbrella will definitely help. This umbrella has a very unique snake print on its 100% polyester canopy. A golden handle shaped like a snake. Although some might think of this umbrella and picture it as extremely eccentric, it does manage to stay distinguished. You won’t find a more luxurious or fashionable umbrella on the market.