Basic Medicare Isn’t Enough; Why Supplemental Plans are Necessary

While other seniors are aware of what Medicare covers when it comes to their health, unfortunately, most elderly don’t know why basic Medicare is not enough to keep them safe and healthy. As such, they could fall under a false belief and could be strapped with their expenses.

Find out what supplemental Medicare plans are and why you need to have them asap.

Dental Work Isn’t Covered

Dental check-up and treatments are part of the basic health routine exams for the elderlies. Standard dental work includes regular teeth cleanings and may even require major dental care like dentures or dental implants. This means that an appointment to a dentist for at least twice a year is a necessity. However, you’ll be disappointed to know that Medicare won’t cover any of your appointments or treatments with the dentist.

Per Medicare.gov1, Medicare doesn’t pay for your basic dental care. This means that dental procedures, like routine teeth cleanings, fillings, among many others aren’t covered.

Eye Care is Optional

One of the most common eye problems among elderly persons is presbyopia caused by aging (after the age of 40). Such vision problem greatly impacts their daily living like difficulty in walking and reading. As such, seniors are required to get eye exams and treatments for the rest of their lives.

But the supposed free annual eye exams for the elderly are not part of your Medicare coverage, per a Medicare.gov4 report. Note that you have to shoulder any cost of your eye care like glasses and eye contacts required by your ophthalmologist.

Hearing Aids Aren’t Included

As we grow older, we naturally experience a gradual hearing loss and difficulty in hearing. The remedy to these problems is a regular doctor visit accompanied by tests and the use of hearing aids.

It is sad to learn that Medicare provides a very limited health coverage for ear care check-ups and tests. According to Medicare.gov2, hearing exams and hearing aids aren’t part of your basic Medicare coverage. The same report stated that Medicare subscribers should cover the full amount of their hearing aid.

Medical Care Outside the Country Isn’t Paid For

When you plan to travel outside of the United States, you have to consider your medical needs while you’re in another country. As a Medicare subscriber, you should bear in mind that your healthcare needs are your sole responsibility while away from the U.S.

Medicare.gov⁷ reports that your Medicare coverage outside the country is extremely limited. Note that only emergency medical care is covered by Medicare and all other healthcare needs like medical supplies will not be paid by the company. This means that you have to set a budget for your medical expenses should you decide to explore other countries.

Boost Your Medicare Coverage with a Supplemental Plan

Stay on top of your financial and physical health by making sure that you are covered on all health care aspects- from basic dental care to major eye treatments. It is important that you understand the gaps in your basic Medicare coverage to avoid getting overwhelmed with your expensive medical bills.

Curious on how to make sure that you’re fully covered? The best way is to find a reliable supplemental insurance plan that suits your medical needs. Search online now to know and compare various private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans. Check their monthly premium price and the costs that you’ll be responsible for. Also, search for healthcare plans that cover what Medicare doesn’t.

You need to make a decision the soonest time possible due to the limited time required to add a supplemental insurance plan to your existing Medicare plan. Remember that the open enrollment runs from October to December only. Time is of essence and so as your physical health. This is the only time of year to make positive changes on your Medicare insurance.

Start your search today and get the value of your wise decision for the rest of your life.