MagiDeal Glass Sport Water Bottle With Tea Filter Infuser

Healthy living is not merely a trend, a fad that will fade in time to give way to the new. It is a lifestyle that requires one’s full commitment and follow through. This means being watchful with what we eat and drink, leading a more active routine, and choosing products wisely; products that protect us from pollutants, particles we become vulnerable to through the water we drink and the food we partake.
Here is a sport water bottle that we can bring along in the gym, that is great for active bodies.

MagiDeal Glass Sport Water Bottle With Tea Filter Infuser Protective Bag 550ml – Grey, 550ml

This is great for workouts and travel. It is made of light material, but it is also sturdy and not easy to break. You do not have to worry about its contents being contaminated because it is highly sealed, and therefore, it does not spill.

Special Features:

It’s lid is made of high-quality stainless steel.
Glass is of high borosilicate composition, with good light transmission.
Capacity: 550ml with tea filter