On The Way To His Wedding, An Off-Duty Cop Saves Little Girl


Whether he is on or off duty, John O’Rourke is always ready to help a person in need. His wedding day was certainly no exception. That special day, O’Rourke walked into a donut shop on March 28 and changed a little girl’s life. This is the kind of story you just can’t make up.

The Indiana University Police Department officer strolled into “Donuts to Go” bakery in Sanford, Florida, on the morning of his wedding and like always, was ready to perform a heroic act. The police officer told IUPD, “It had to be a donut shop.” He joked, “You can’t make this up.” While he was in line to get his sugary pre-wedding snack, he saw a crowd gathering around a little girl who was having a seizure. The 3-year-old was laying on the floor unconscious.

After he realized that no one had called anyone for medical attention, he instructed a bystander to call 911. O’Rourke talked with the 911 operator, and then “began performing rescue breathing, and ultimately chest compressions.” The rescue breathing and chest compressions brought the little girl back to consciousness. Shortly after she regained consciousness, the paramedics arrived.

After the paramedics took over, the off-duty cop carried his box of donuts out to his car. The donut shop rewarded the officer with a box of donuts on the house. O’Rourke recalled, “I just sat in my car, for about 20 minutes, processing everything.” It was already a big day for the cop before he entered the donut shop.


O’Rourke left “Donuts to Go” and made his way to his wedding. He and his bride, Virginia, married a few hours after the incident. None of his wedding guests were surprised by John’s morning to save. John remembered one of his friend’s saying, “You know John, He’s always at the right place at the right (or wrong) time.”