10-Year-Old Boy Uses Moves He Learned From “The Rock” To Save His Brother’s Life


Sometimes watching an action movie provides more than just entertainment for viewers. In fact, after 10-year-old Jacob watched a film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he was able to take some lessons from the film, which then helped save the life of his 2-year-old brother, Dylan.

When Jacob saw his brother lying face down in their swimming pool, he quickly pulled him out and began performing CPR on him until he could hear Dylan’s heart beating.

Someone curious to find out how Jacob knew to perform CPR was the boys’ mother, Christa. Frightened at the thought of Dylan’s condition while he was in the hospital, she later expressed that Jacob told her that he had in fact learnt his moves from a movie he saw – San Andreas, featuring The Rock.

When The Rock heard of this incredible story, he took to social media to praise Jacob for his “heroic actions”, and expressed that he wishes to ‘shake young Jacob’s hand.’

In his next Instagram post, The Rock stated that he was going to fly Jacob and his family out to Vancouver so he could meet him. While Dylan was still in the hospital, he also expressed his hope that Dylan would have recovered in time and be well enough to fly so he could meet him too.

He mentioned he would have his people contact their people, and together they would arrange their meet-up. The Rock was also sure to hint that there will be many treats on his arrival, telling him, “make sure you bring your sweet tooth!”

the rock

The family accepted his kind invitation, with Christa responding to The Rock with, “Dwayne Johnson, Thank you so much again! Taking this time out for my son, in your busy schedule, is astonishing! Means the world to us!!”

In the meantime, young Jacob is hailed as a real-life hero for saving his little brother and must be pretty excited to be meeting The Rock!