Cop Helps Shoplifter In Her Hour Of Need

Officer Bennett Johns from the Laurel Police Department in Maryland is receiving praise for his work while on duty in helping a young parent who is caught shoplifting.

A young woman, who has been unidentified, was detained by security guards while shopping in a Giant grocery store after allegedly trying to steal $15 worth of diapers.

When Officer John responded to the shoplifting call at the grocery store, he had learned that the mother attempted to steal two packs of diapers for her infant son.

This is when Officer Johns stepped in to cite the young lady for misdemeanor theft, but also helped the mother out in paying for the diapers for her 2-year-old son with money out of his own pocket.

The action taken by Officer Johns was then shared on Facebook by the Laurel Police Department to show the daily work of an officer, and has since gone to be applauded by the public for the service carried out by officers.

While the woman was still issued a criminal citation for theft, the cop was there to help her out at the same time, and showed empathy to the woman who was unable to afford diapers for her child following her grocery shopping.

Comments flooded in following the Facebook post showing the officer paying for the diapers, with people commending Officer Johns for his work.

Many were proud of the way their officer’s were serving their communities and others honored the compassion the gentleman had for the young lady in a difficult situation, feeling proud they had officers like this.



His work was also commended by Laurel police Chief Richard Mclaughlin, who expressed to Fox News how proud he his of his officers, “and particularly this one.”

Going on to say “I think it speaks volumes that they are doing the right thing for the right reason when nobody is watching”.