Design Stores to Inspire Your Home Decor

Are you a classicist or modernist? No matter the interior style, your home defines your personality, and window-shopping for inspiration is one of the best ways to get your dream home decor. Take these five boutiques as your peg.

Mint, London
Mint’s brick and mortar shop is indeed full of surprises. From constant design changes to unique products of famed designers and rising artists, you’ll be more than grateful that you paid a visit in their incredibly-styled store.

Crema Design, Cape Town
It’s a great thing that Crema Design hails from Cape Town, a city that boasts international recognition for its designs and brilliant stores. Soon as you enter its gallery-like space, keep your eyes peeled on every piece of decor as they are the works of world’s best designers and companies like Tom Dixon and Moooi.

Casa Perfect, Los Angeles
You’ll never go wrong when you make a life-changing decision of booking an appointment with Casa Perfect. Situated in a mid-century West Hollywood Hills home, its grand indoor and outdoor spaces are worthy of your time. As you explore the boutique, you’ll realize those brilliant design ideas were brought to life from lighting to every piece of furniture there is.

Hay House, Denmark
If you’re a fan of modern living, Hay House is the right spot for your design decors. It boasts impressive interiors courtesy of local and foreign designers. Its take on minimalism is a mix of tradition and contemporary style. Can’t get enough of the shop’s calming vibes, no?

South Loop Loft, Chicago
South Loop Loft equates talent, design, style, elegance, and quality. Whether your preference is antique pieces or modern decors, their styling consultations will guide you in achieving your wishful thinking- a home styled with valuable designs and timeless pieces.