Essential Items for Your Luxury Kitchen


One of the most important aspects of anyone’s home is the kitchen. This where the food is stored, prepared and sometimes even eaten. When it comes to making your home luxury, the kitchen is surely a place you can’t afford to neglect. That said, we will showcase some kitchen appliances which will be essential to having the luxury kitchen you always dreamed of.

Dacor’s Discovery WineStation

In the world of wine, Dacor’s Discovery WineStation pretty much stands alone at the top. If it isn’t the way it preserves and aerates the wine, it has to have something to do with its color-match program and smartphone connection ranges. The wine station serves four bottles at a time. One of the huge upsides is that it can preserve wine for up to sixty days after the bottles been open. This would make a perfect edition to someone’s home.

Bertazzoni’s Electric Self-Clean Double Oven

This is a product that will take your kitchen to the highest level of luxury. Bertazzoni’s Electric Self-Clean Double Oven is fully equipped with six gas burners, a stainless steel electric griddle. The ovens also come with their impressive features. The come with nine amazing functions that include baking, roasting, convection and warming. The oven is completely self-cleaning which means you’ll never find yourself on your hands and knees scrubbing.

Jenn-Air’s Low Profile Canopy Island Hood

You’ve never come across a more luxurious way of clearing the air then with Jenn-Air’s Low Profile Canopy Island Hood. It’s powerful, but also incredibly quiet. That is a major plus as most kitchen fans tend to be a bit obnoxious. Another plus is the machines beautiful and sleek design. It won’t only work great, but it will look great while it works. With this handy device, you can forget about lingering smells in your kitchen.