Eyewear Brands of the Rich and Famous


When the average man or woman thinks of luxury eye wear, their minds usually wander to brands like Dior, Prada and Celine. For the folks living in the lap of luxury these brands have been yesterday’s news for a number of years. Little do people know, they aren’t exactly spending their money on a unique quality, but more on a brand name. Today most of these brands are outsourcing the designing and manufacturing of their eye wear to other companies. That said, we’re going to present you with the real top of line eye wear brands.


Back in 2004, four friends with a background in industrial design set up Mykita, a Berlin-based company specializing in eye wear. These hingeless, sleek glasses are all the rage in Hollywood. The glasses which are made with mylon are as light as a feather and have been on the faces of stars like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga. These glasses have even been used in television shows like Sex in the City.


If you were to look up luxury sunglasses in the dictionary, you’d likely see a pair of Matsuda glasses. A pair of these glasses are the equivalent of an exclusive diamond ring. Coming out of Tokyo, Japan, these glasses caused quite the stir when they were released into the western world back in the early 1990’s. They are made from top of the line materials. We’re talking titanium, celluloid acetate, sterling silver and  18k solid gold. You’ll remember seeing these glasses in a number of big Hollywood productions, including Terminator 2.

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow glasses are the definition of cool. They are a luxury pair of class that manage to combine glam, nostalgia, eccentricity and class. These glasses were brought to light in the 1970’s and went out of commission in the 1980’s. This apparently had something to do with Farrow wanting to dedicate herself to her family. Nearly twenty years later they were discovered by her son and taken to London fashion expo. It was their that they bloomed into popularity. They have since been worn by models, bands and actors.