Paint the Town Pink with These Chic Rosy Rooms

Give in to your pink obsession and get a stylish makeover for your room or the entire house. If you’re really serious with your loyalty to blush-colored interiors, check out these stunning inspirations for your dream pink room.

Playful modern Bohemian

One of the best ways to have a relaxed ambiance in your already modern and sweet pink walls is a hint of a beachy vibe.  There’s no better way to stay prettily pink than a splash of wooden furniture that exudes warmth, playfulness and modernity.


That inviting pink door

The perfect way to welcome your guests especially those who are strong supporters of the color pink is a pink door. Feel free to unleash the inner adventurous being in you. Plus, did you notice the pink walls and the structured pink chair?


The pink accent

Are you a fan of minimalist interiors?  Don’t worry as you can still integrate that perfect blush of pink on your rug and plain pink painting.  Leave the rest of your furniture and decors in a slightly light gray hue to make pink pop out and become the center of attention.  


The pink room

Imagine a dining room painted in sweet pink and the entire furniture dressed in pink velvet. Isn’t it so chic and irresistible?  It’s a fantastic dreamland made for tea parties with your girlfriends and for your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday bash.  Don’t forget the pink cupcakes and balloons!


The beauty of a pink couch

If you don’t want to overwhelm your entire room with an all-pink interior, highlight your space instead with a single pink furniture.  This cozy rose couch breaks the monotony of the living room with its fun vibe. Donuts and coffee anyone (with Ariana’s pop tracks on the background)?