Police Officer Gives Eight-Year-Old A Birthday To Remember


Birthdays are supposed to be a celebration of one’s life. One thing is for sure; they should not be spent waiting for a parent to pick you up from school. Thankfully, one student had a Green Bay Police Officer save the day.

When Officer Darryl Robinson showed up, the boy was in the midst of a problem: his parents were nowhere to be found. The unnamed boy had just turned eight years old, but no family member came to pick him up from school.

After it was clear no one was coming, the school called the Green Bay Police Department. It is school policy to do so when the emergency contact cannot be reached.

Officer Robinson knew the boy when he walked in. The boy’s father was currently in prison, and they could not reach his mother. Officer Robinson offered to give him a ride home.

All things considered, the boy was doing well. Robinson said, “It seemed like he was in good spirits. He was playing around. He was excited. It was his birthday.”

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The birthday boy was thrilled to ride in a police car. Robinson gave him more than just a ride for a birthday present. He said, “He was very excited to ride in one. I brought him to McDonald’s, got him a sandwich. He loved playing with the toy in his Happy Meal.”

Over the next 45 minutes, Robinson gave the boy a tour of the city inside the squad car. They talked and played with the toy until Robinson finally got ahold of his grandfather and brought him to his siblings.


Over the next couple days, Robinson received tons of love. His police department posted the story on Facebook, and it went viral. It has over 20,000 likes, 3,770 shares, and 1,000 comments.

Even with his viral fame, Robinson first and foremost cares about the kid.

He said, “I do plan on making contact with him in the future and checking on him to see how he’s doing. If he wants to come tour the police station or see more things that we have to offer here — and play with the lights and stuff, we’ll be happy to do that.”