Why Design Lovers Should Visit Mexico City This Year

Attention design lovers!  Mexico City beams with pride for nabbing the title of being 2018’s World Design Capital – the very first city in the Americas to earn the highly-coveted award.

The Historic Frida Kahlo Museum

Also known as the Blue House, Museo Frida Kahlo was the Mexican artist’s birthplace.  She shares the historic art museum with fellow artist/husband Diego Rivera. This artsy place is worth your visit as the vast collections of artifacts, paintings, and even her wardrobe are a sight to behold.


Luis Barragan House and Studio

Tour the Luis Barragan House and Studio and get impressed by Pritzker Prize awardee Luis Barragan’s impeccable architecture.  Also known as Casa Luis Barragan, the former residence of this celebrated architect earned the title for being a World Heritage Site.


Shopping at Taxonomia

Located on the ground floor of Hotel Carlota, this design store is truly inviting due to its curated lineup of extraordinary jewelry, clothing, furniture, and decoration.  You shouldn’t miss buying an item or more in this chic boutique when you’re in Mexico City.


Art Collections at Museo Soumaya and Museo Jumex

Believe it or not, seeing the 66,000 works of art in Museo Soumaya is free!  Carlos Slim, considered as Forbes’ richest person in the world, was the founder of the popular museum. It was named after his wife Soumaya Domit as a tribute.  Be in awe of Rodin’s magnificent sculptures. Bear witness to breathtaking paintings by the likes of Renoir, Monet, and Degas. Also, don’t forget to visit its neighboring museum, the  Museo Jumex that showcases incredible works of Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons.