Have an Amazing Ride with These Electric Cars


Up grade your road trips with thess new breeds of electric vehicles that promises ultra incredible performance at the core of a green environment.

Polestar 1
Volvo is famed for its stunning cars, and the Polestar 1 is no exception.  Mimicking the 2013 Volvo Concept Coupe, this EV is every inch of beauty and premium specs and features.  The Swedish company is geared to making 500 units of Polestar 1 per year starting 2020 through 2022. Two years before its grand production yet pre-orders are making waves already.

Lagonda Vision
Aston Martin’s original 1976 Lagonda resurfaced into a modern electric version.  With Lagonda Vision slated for a 2021 debut, car enthusiasts can only hope for its crowning glory.  Its minimalist design is in sync with a futuristic approach throughout its interior and exterior.

Honda Sport EV
As we live in the future, so does Honda but with a hint of the past’s simplicity.  Take the Honda Sport EV that takes pride to deliver its torque no matter the speed.  Indeed, Honda knows what it’s doing on this all-electric sports car bathed in a soft off-white paint.

Toyota Supra
Rumors are rife that the powertrain of the latest version of Toyota Supra will be a hybrid of the BMW Z4 and the LMP1 racing car.  Look at this powerful sports car taking its pride and strength discreetly, it’s all about surprising power and class. With a race-type steering wheel loaded with controls and light upholstery, every car racer will be charmed.

BMW i8 Roadster
It’s a hardcore game for EVs, and the luxury German automobile brand knows how to redefine its own piece.  The roofless BMW i8 is sleek and gorgeous. This futuristic electric car produces 374bhp and weighs 60kg more than the BMW i8 Coupe.  And yes, this baby makes one fast ride.