Luxury Gadgets Used by the Rich and Famous


Us average folk think pretty highly of ourselves the way we sport our typical Iphones and tablets. For the people who live in the lap of luxury these are outdated gadgets that they wouldn’t be caught dead with. They are clearly living on a different level in terms of what technology they’re using. Here are a few tech options that only the rich can afford to have in their lives.


  • Ohmni – Unless you have a spare $2,000 dollars to burn, don’t expect that you’ll be own a Ohmni anytime soon. The Ohmni makes it possible to be present even when you aren’t at home. You can just roll around with your grandkids, roll into the kitchen and sit and watch a movie with the family. You’ll never have to miss out on a beautiful family memory again. Be there with the Ohmni.
  • Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security System with 4 Cameras – For only $800 you can take this home today and assure yourself a more safer existence. This is not ordinary security camera, this camera is wireless, waterproof, has two way audio and is completely suitable for use inside and outside.
  • SuperNova Heated Gloves – Sometimes when you find yourself in subzero temperatures glovers just aren’t enough. You need something better and that’s where the SuperNova Heated Gloves come into play. These gloves will keep your hands warm three times longer than any of their competitors. These gloves only cost $440.
  • Touchscreen Projector – For $600 you can own a touch screen projector. As if regular projectors weren’t enough. With this device you can watch movies in style or have meetings.
  • Nebia Shower System – The Nebia Shower System takes shower to the next level. This invention creates ten more showering option then the typical shower head. It also saves water. You can own this system for only $650.