4 Top Places to Visit This Year

Advances in current technology have made traveling easy and stress-free. Now, anyone can go around the world in less than eighty days, return to their place of origin and still have enough time to repeat the entire process. If you have plans to travel this year, do include these awesome places in your itinerary. These countries will not only make your journey positively memorable,  it will also elicit ooh’s and aah’s from all your friends and family.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Be in awe of New Zealand’s natural beauty as you spend your holidays in its resort town, Queensland. Serious travelers must include this place on their bucket list. Why? The breathtaking views of majestic mountains such as The Remarkables and Queenstown Hill are amazingly perfect for snowboarding and skiing. Include in the warm hospitality of the locals and you’ll definitely want to embrace this place’s year-round charm. While there, don’t miss a hearty burger at Fergberger and a sumptuous dinner at the famous Botswana Butchery.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, boasts of a multitude of boutiques in the Palermo Soho neighborhood. Considered as an ultimate shopper’s haven, feast your eyes on the numerous attractive items  the area offers. Catch a week of the  city’s art fair and witness classic pieces that will allow you to understand the area’s rich culture and legacy. While at BA, treat yourself and your loved ones with a delectable meal at Tegui – hailed as one of the world’s best restaurants this 2018.

Bawah Island, Indonesia

Be the first to experience this hidden magic in Indonesia. Bawah Island has yet to reveal itself in all its glory as few travelers have seen what this island has to offer. Better book a 3-hour flight from Singapore to marvel its beauty. While on Bawah, sit back, relax and be stunned by nature’s beauty. If you prefer an adventure-filled vacation, feel free to go hiking, paddle boarding, or kayaking.


This landlocked country in Southern Africa will give you a once in a lifetime safari trip that will make your heart skip a beat. Solicit the assistance of a private guide, jeep, driver, and chef to make your adventure thrilling. Explore wildlife,  eat delicious exotic meals outdoors, and camp your heart out under towering trees. Experience nature on your own or with a travel companion. You could never go wrong either way.