How to Upgrade Your Disney Experience to an Elegantly Luxurious Vacation

The moment you set foot on the happiest place on Earth, expect to feel some magic, thrill and a lot of Disney family vibe. But did you know that you can convert your experience to that of a classy luxurious vacation? How? Read on and find out.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
This lush Disney resort hotel evokes sophistication and Victorian elegance. The ambiance is very relaxing you can easily enjoy indoor entertainment by listening to a live orchestra playing jazz and a slew of famous Disney songs. You can also take a breather outdoor and witness the dancing fireworks in the dark. Feel free to feast on the hotel’s sumptuous dining via a festive breakfast at 1900 Park Fare or simply head to a romantic dinner at Victoria & Albert’s.

Disney World’s VIP Tour Services
Avoid the stress of queueing and experience Disney’s VIP Tour Services – it gives visitors priority access to all rides in all parks (max. of 10 guests). Though its hourly rate of $425 is expensive, guests do appreciate the comfort, convenience, and access such a service offers. Expect to ride on a private transportation from your hotel to the parks. You can also head to the reserved viewing areas for exclusive shows, parades and other Disney entertainment treats.

Watch as many fireworks shows as you can

The grand finale of your magical journey in Disney World is seeing yourself gaping in awe at the fireworks. Aside from the famous Happily Ever After event, many fireworks shows are spread out most of which are similar to those in Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Feast your eyes on the showcase of bright and colorful lights at night.

Be Our Guest
This enchanting Beast’s restaurant in the Magic Kingdom becomes easily packed thus it is best to book your stay in advance. Their French-inspired cuisine is a feast of gastronomic delights you’d highly likely crave for it come breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Imagine dining in a luxurious setting with vivid images of the classic animated movie Beauty and the Beast flashing in your mind’s eye.