IZBO 7 Set Waterproof Packing Cubes Travel Luggage Organisers Suitcase

For those who love to travel and have a hard time sorting things out before leaving, this is a product that is designed to help you organize. Sometimes the stuffs inside huge bags we drag along aren’t filed properly, making it bulky, but this set of packing cubes, and travel luggage organisers ensure that every space is properly utilized. Everything is sorted out and, therefore, easy to find when you need them along the way. It is neat, stylish, and efficient. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets inside if it rains because the cases are waterproof.

AIZBO 7 Set Waterproof Packing Cubes Travel Luggage Organisers Suitcase Storage Bags-2 Clothing Pouches + 2 Premium Bra Underwear Bag + 1 Digital Accessories Bag + 1 Toiletry Bags+1 Shoes Bag (Grey)

Special Features:

Packing set includes: 2 Clothing Pouches ;2 Premium Bra Underwear Bag; 1 Shoes Bag; 1 Digital Accessories Bag;1 Toiletry Bags.
Convenient, separates your stuffs, protects it from dust and damage.
Measurements: Small(36*25*7cm) Large(46*35*7cm) Bra bag(32.5*23cm) Shoes bag(35*20*12cm)Electronic Accessories bag(26*9*4cm)Toiletry Bags(30*12.5*6.5cm), designed perfectly for air travel.
Waterproof High Quality Suitcase Storage Bag with ABS zipper, breathable mesh design