Why a Trip to Breathtaking Iceland Is One for the Books

Famed for its stunning natural beauty and historical charm, Iceland is an extraordinary destination that should be on top of everyone’s bucket list. The very moment you say yes to an Iceland holiday, expect to see and experience an Aurora borealis and a slew of shining glaciers! Spend your vacation in this beautiful island country and receive its generously memorable giveaways.

1. The Midnight Sun
Spend summer nights with Iceland’s breathtaking midnight sun as your cozy companion. Its lovely glow literally sets after the clock ticks at 12 a.m. Plus, it rises again in the wee hours. Prepare to experience 24-hour daylight from May to July. You have to see and feel it in order to believe it. Savor months of endless days while bearing witness to the beauty and grandeur of Iceland.

2. The Northern Lights
Your trip to Iceland won’t be complete without feasting your eyes on the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. How can you say no to such a thrilling mystical wonder of nature? Be astonished as you watch in awe the magical green lights dancing in the clear sky. See this marvelous stunner during the winter.

3. The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction. Satisfy your heart’s content by plunging in its exfoliating geothermal seawater filled with minerals and silica mud. This unreal experience is akin to living in a fantasy world. Plan your itinerary well and make an advance booking to this rejuvenating natural beauty.

4. The Highlands
Dubbed as “the heart of Iceland,” the highlands proves to be an exciting adventure that will surely take your breath away. Its rugged mountains are captivating as the sight is free from any trace of human civilization. No shops, no crowds – just you and the vast tranquility of nature at its stunning best.

5. The Michelin-starred restaurant
Iceland is home to many dining shops that will fill you with gastronomic delights. Dill takes pride as the country’s first Michelin-starred restaurant that has the classic feels and, of course, a sumptuous variety of food. If you prefer to taste Iceland’s exotic dishes, dine at Grillmarkadurinn as it serves grilled puffin and reindeer.